Test driving the Unreal Engine

I’ll be using this blog as a method to record my attempts at learning the Unreal Engine in addition to other efforts related to game development.

Currently, I’ve been using Unity3D for a few years now and enjoy using it a lot. However, I have given in to the hype surrounding Unreal simply because engineers are naturally curious creatures.

Time to give Unreal a serious peek.

My main focus, but not limited to is simply a desire to determine what Unreal has to offer.  As a satisfactory outcome at the end of this journey would be that of adding the engine to my toolkit as an option. Along the way, I would hope that I could give back to the community by providing any tips I’ve discovered and or challenges I have or will overcome.


Lastly, as a professional software developer that has coded in numerous languages over the years. I was hesitant in a negative way to give Blueprints a chance (ready to jump into C++ right away). But, I saw the error of my ways during day one. I realized very quickly how much would be required to successfully make a run at this engine.

Therefore, due to the vastness of Unreal,  i.e., workflows, API, etc. I checked my ego at the door.

More importantly, the time for coding in the traditional sense will come. As it seemed to make more sense to embrace Blueprints early on than fight against it from the start. This attitude adjustment would seem to allow one to learn the UE way more efficiently, and then determine how to achieve harmony and balance with C++ and Blueprints. Time will tell.

Looking forward to the next several months and beyond…


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